Responsible, Reputable Tyre Stockists in Windsor & the Wider Berkshire Area

Working for one of the top tyre stockists near Windsor, our tyre fitters are required to meet a number of legal requirements and safety standards. Selling part worn tyres unfit for the road could be disastrous, as a valued customer’s safety is put in harm’s way.

Here we’ve looked to outline the rules and regulations that we follow when selling second hand tyres to the people of Windsor. If you’d like any more reassurance about the quality of our part worn tyres, pop into our Wokingham base of operations or give us a call on 01189 894 652.

1. Structural Integrity – Tyre stockists cannot sell second hand tyres with any large cuts, bulges or lumps on or in them. In addition, plies or cords can’t be exposed.

2. Tried and Tested – Our tyre fitters are legally obligated to put all our part worn tyres through an inflation test. They can only be sold to Windsor motorists if they pass.

3. Groove Visibility – All our second hand tyres’ original grooves must be clearly visible, and must have at least 2mm in tread depth around the entire tyre’s circumference.

4. Clearly Labelled – If our tyre fitters have not re-treaded part worn tyres, they must clearly be labelled with a relevant “E” mark, as well as the wording “PART WORN” in letters at least 4mm high. Re-treaded second hand tyres must also be clearly labelled to be sold by our tyre stockists near Windsor. There are a range of different labels that apply depending on the nature of the tyre and re-treading.

All of these regulations are in place to keep you safe on the road. We’re hyper-critical of rogue tyre stockists who ignore the above rules when selling second hand tyres, and urge all our Windsor clients to avoid them at all costs.

To speak with one of our tyre fitters about part worn tyres and second hand tyres, call 01189 894652. We are based close to Windsor in the Berkshire town of Wokingham.

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