Expert Advice From Professional Tyre Fitters in Camberley

Camberley clients often ask our tyre fitters when they should change their part worn tyres. On this page, we’ve looked to answer this question. If you have any other query, call our tyre stockists on 01189 894 652.

When should I change my tyres?

The legal minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tread and around the tyre’s circumference. However, most tyre fitters and manufacturers recommended that you replace your tyres when tread depth wears down below 3mm.

This is because in wet weather at a speed of 50mph, vehicles sporting tyres with 1.6mm tread depth take an extra 8m to stop than those with 3mm.If you’re in or around the Camberley area and unsure of whether you need your tyres changing, visit our tyre fitters and we’ll be able to give you a reading on your tread depth. We’ll provide you with free advice, but leave you with the decision of whether you’d like to purchase our second hand tyres. We’re not pushy salesmen, and ensure the ball is always in your court.

Other reasons you may need to change your tyres include if you sustain a puncture, structural damage or you’ve purchased a vehicle fitted with unsuitable tyres, due to a mistake by the former owner.

What happens if I fail to change my tyres when required?

Motorists caught driving around Camberley on tyres with under 1.6mm of tread depth will be subject to 3 penalty points and a £2,500 fine. With part worn tyres available from our tyre stockists at such cheap prices, it’s really not worth running the risk of driving on illegal tyres.

More important than the fine and penalty points, however, you could be putting your life in danger. Many preventable accidents have occurred around Camberley because drivers chose to roll the dice, and this is why the part worn tyre industry is subject to such strict regulation. Don’t gamble with your health, invest in safe and road-worthy second hand tyres when yours’ start showing their age.

Searching for tyre stockists near Camberley? Call A1 Tyres on 01189 894652 for fantastic part worn tyres and second hand tyres at great prices.

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